Intellectual Clash: 1991 September Set Hosts Annual Essay Writing and Debate Competition at Government College Ibadan

image Government College Ibadan's (GCI) 1991 September set recently hosted its annual essay writing and debate competition, showcasing the intellectual prowess of the students. Held on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024, the event, organized by the Set's Educational Committee, saw enthusiastic participation from both senior and junior students.

The essay competition, focusing on the topic "Unemployment will increase with the rising use of AI," commenced promptly at 8:46 am at the Languages Department. Mr. S.O Olatunji, Principal of GCI Senior School, extended a warm welcome to the attendees, applauding their dedication to organizing such events. He emphasized the importance of continuous improvement and encouraged students to excel not only in competitions but also in their overall academic pursuits.

David Olayiwola(9114, Field), the Secretary of the 1991 September set's Educational Committee, expressed gratitude to the school management for their unwavering support. He highlighted the impartiality of the essay marking process, conducted by external evaluators to ensure fairness.

The debate, a focal point of the event, commenced at 10:54 am with two junior schools passionately arguing for and against the topic: "AI in Education: Enhancing learning or diminishing human mental capacity." The spirited exchange of ideas showcased the students' critical thinking and oratory skills.

After an engaging session, Junior School 1 emerged victorious, with Awosanya Emmanuel leading the team as the main speaker. However, an intriguing twist unfolded as the supporting speakers outperformed the main speakers on both sides. Megai David Chukwuemeka from Junior School 1 claimed the title of overall best debater, followed by his teammate Jacob Joel. Odetayo Bobola from Junior School 2 secured the third position.

Mr. S.O Oladokun, in his address, encouraged students to strive for excellence and emphasized the importance of thorough preparation. He urged trainers to meticulously assess participants to ensure the selection of the best candidates for competitions.

In closing remarks, David Olayiwola urged students to explore topics related to sustainable development goals, offering them the opportunity to be featured in the school's publication, "The Rock magazine."

The event witnessed distinguished guests, including alumni such as Niyi Otunuga(9336, Grier) and Oyekola Muraina(9106, Grier), as well as school faculty members and administrative staff.

The panel of judges, comprising members of the English arm of the Languages Department, led by the Chief Judge Mrs. SObo, ensured a fair evaluation of participants' performances.

Oyekola Muraina conveyed appreciation to all attendees in his vote of thanks, underscoring the success and significance of the event.

Overall, the essay writing and debate competition not only showcased the academic prowess of GCI students but also fostered critical thinking and public speaking skills, setting a high standard for future competitions.