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The GCI Museum, which exists both online and physically within the four walls of Government College Ibadan, is a repository of the school. The museum preserves nostalgic memories of the different generations that the school has witnessed. Additionally, the museum aims to inspire current students of Government College Ibadan through its spectacular showcasing of old boys who have excelled in their chosen career paths and left their mark on the sands of time.


Intellectual Clash: 1991 September Set Hosts Annual Essay Writing and Debate Competition at Government College Ibadan

Government College Ibadan's (GCI) 1991 September set recently hosted its annual essay writing and debate competition, showcasing the intellectual prowess of the students. Held on Wednesday, February 21st, 2024, the event, organized by the Set's Educational Committee, saw enthusiastic participation from both senior and junior students. The essay competition, focusing on the topic "Unemployment will increase with the rising use of AI," commenced promptly at 8:46 am at the Languages Department....,

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  • 2023-11-15
1972 SET

The inaugural meeting of the Class of �72 was conceived by Ladipo Idowu and Kayode Ogungbuyi in 1986 with a meeting jointly hosted by the duo in Festac town, Lagos in the same year. This first gathering of the Class of...,