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In the autumn of 1978, a set of boys was admitted into the prestigious Government College Ibadan (GCI). They were over 180 in number, divided into 6 class arms of A to F. with an average of 30 students per class. On the five year journey through GCI, some boys moved to other schools and a few sadly passed on. As boys will be boys, in the early years, their set of boys were in the majority playful and rascally, but the college was able to instill in them its traditional values of brotherhood, excellence and hard work. The School motto: Learning to serve became their guiding principle.

It is gratifying to note that boys in this set have excelled in various areas of life from business, to technology, medicine, the arts, the financial sector, and sports thereby produced Captains of Industries, successful businessmen, professional sportsmen and astute technocrats, to mention but a few.

The Class of '78 has been an inspiration to other Class Sets, although the Yoruba adage says "ogun omode, o le se ere fun ogun odun" this Class has defied that adage having been closely bounded since 1998 and with over 100 members actively engage on the Social Media, using these platforms to further our camaraderie and sustain our interest in one another and our great school. We have functional chapters in the UK and USA.

The Class of '78 is fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Kindly send the Set's group photograph, and other pictures and videos (youtube links only) of the Set worthy of archiving, to curator@gcimuseum.org

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