GCI Museum

Government College Ibadan Museum Project, currently hosted online at www.gcimuseum.org, is sponsored by the GCIOBA-1970/74 Set.

It's an ongoing multi-million naira project, started in 2016, and which has since become immensely popular. The project aims to create a platform for commemorating, celebrating and showcasing the very rich heritage of the Government College Ibadan.

The Virtual Museum which archives electronically the relevant information (written, audio & visual documents) about the School, Old Boys & Government College Ibadan Old Boys' Association, from ancient past till date, has been in existence for over two years and has since received consistent and quality visitation from both Old Boys and non-Old Boys of all genre, at home and in diaspora, which increases on a daily basis.

A permanent display gallery is being fitted at the GCIOBA House, to create a nostalgic and exciting visit experience for both Old Boys of the prestigious institution as well as other visitors. It is planned that the gallery will accommodate state of the art fittings,display equipment, scale models, simulations, documentary media and other items.

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