What Government College Ibadan Means to Me



Lagos boys were not used to the kind of harmattan mornings that you encounter in Apata, Ibadan.

An Aonian on The Rock

I arrived at the gate of Government College at the time and date indicated on my letter of admission after paying the stipulated fees for my... more

GCI, NaseemSanyaolu, reminiscence

Recently, I was in a discussion with a group of friends and we were all trying to determine what periods of our lives over the past sixty years... more

ADETULA Jimmy, GCI, reminiscence
What A Glorious Time

The days of our youth are commonly referred to as the glorious times of our lives.

Jimi Omoliki, reminiscence
Howz T?

Boys' cricket was cricket at its best. For many, indeed most, GCI provided their first encounter with cricket.

GCI, gci tradition, KoladeMosuro, reminiscence
A Sojourn So Bitter, So Sweet: Snippets from My GCI Days

We He would often sit on the lawns of the expansive premises of Aresha High School after school hours to sort out our Maths and English... more

FABAMWO Adetokunbo, reminiscence, school life
The Wind of Change

The first military coup in Nigeria took place just I five days before the official resumption date of our class set at Government College, Ibadan... more

reminiscence, school life
A Crowded School Life

I remember arriving at Government College, Ibadan in January 1966, quite excited about the prospect of attending the premier institution in the... more

BIYIBI Sylvester, reminiscence
Field House

The events of January 15, 1966, rattled us a bit, but we resumed first year in GCI on the 20th of January, 1966.

1966 Set, Field House, reminiscence
Life in GCI - a blast!

Just 'One Minute' Away From Infamy!

Just one minute!

DELANO Olugboyega, GCI, reminiscence

"Boys must be boys, and a little chastisement does them no harm..."

Bomb Blast

On One Memorable Night...

1967 Set, GCI, reminiscence
My GCI Memoirs

- flavours & fragrances to savour

1967 Set, GCI, reminiscence
Indelible Stamps on My Mind

Government College was an obvious natural choice for most primary school leavers in the old Western Region, because it was highly regarded as the... more

1967 Set, AYANKOYA Adetunji, reminiscence
Going Down Memory Lane

Getting admitted into GCI

GCI, memories, reminiscence
An Event I'd Rather Not Remember... The Provincial Athletics Championships

It was sometime in April 1971 at the Provincial Athletics Championships competition at the Liberty Stadium in Ibadan The competition was coming to... more

1967 Set, 1971, memories, reminiscence
My Two Big Scares

1967 Set, memories, reminiscence
First Days in GCI 1967

Events Precedent

1967 Set, GCI, memories, OLUWOLE Adeyemi, reminiscence


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