The GCI Story

Sir' I asked 'do you mean Government College Ibadan?' the old professor looked into my eyes with incredulity and snapped 'Is there any other GCI... more

Manna from the HSC Block Ceiling


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'Cum' was a Life Saver

'Cum' was a Life Saver

Nobody toyed with 'cum' in Government College Ibadan.

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These terms called 'AYO' and 'AIONIAN'.

AIONIAN is the brotherhood of four schools formed in 1930 by the founding Principals of Abeokuta Grammar School, Ibadan Grammar School, Ondo Boys... more

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Osemeikhian or Oshinyimika

By the rules and regulations of Government College Ibadan, students were barred from going into the teachers' quarters, but as they say 'boys must... more

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Conversation between an Old Boy and an Old School Teacher of GCI

Teacher: What are you doing here?
Student: I'm a student sir.

Teacher: 'Ha-ha! Student where? At the university?'
Student: Yes... more

Two Kids - A Reminiscence Of GCI

(from the novel A Conference in Ennui by Rotimi Ogunjobi , 2012)

The Provincial Athletics Championships: An Event I'd Rather Not Remember

It was some sometime in April 1971 at the Provincial Athletics Championships competition at the Liberty Stadium in Ibadan.

Athletics, reminiscence
SI - Nurturing Music Stars From GCI & An Excursion To Early Fame

If music be the food of love, play on, that surfeiting, the appetite may sicken and so die - William Shakespeare (Twelve Night)

school life, SI, social, Sound Incorporation
My Elementary Law 001 Lesson In GCI

One personal but very memorable incident which I will always recall in my days in Government College Ibadan was an expensive indiscretion, for... more

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I Am Proud To Wear The GCI Badge

Government College Ibadan (GCI) gave me the best time of my life. I got to meet a lot of people who, today, I still consider my friends, even if I... more

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Memories Of Government College Ibadan (GCI)

My memories of interesting occurrences at Government College Ibadan (GCI) are plentiful and evergreen. Due to constraints of space, I will... more

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The Death of A Chicken

It was sometime in June or July 1968, our School Certificate year, and we were busy preparing for that most important first external examination... more

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GCI And Great Expectations

Let us go to the model college
Let us go to the model college built on the rock
Let us visit the Rock
Let us visit Government... more

Thank You, Chief J.B.O. Ojo, Our Dear Principal!

I remembered Chief J.B.O Ojo (1940, Swanston House), GCI Principal (1968 - 1974), recently, and I decided to do a short tribute to him.

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Farewell ‘Abod’

Farewell Gbadebowale Wayne Aboderin;

Farewell ‘Abod’

farewell, TRIBUTE, Wale Aboderin
Eulogy For Dr Paul Kehinde Joseph (1951 - 2018)

Eulogy For Dr Paul Kehinde Joseph 1951- 2018

What It Takes To Be The Young Girl Of An Old Boy

It appears the phrase “Old Boy” is unique to GCI as I haven’t heard it being used by other Secondary Schools. Rather, the pattern is “Old... more

Old Boy, social, Young Girl
The Wooing Ultimatum

My first big scare in GCI happened in Form One when we were barely six months old in the school.

Providential Escape From Tanning

This incident happened in my second year. The convention was that for every three school punishment, you qualified for one detention.



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