Protestation of Loyalty

I pledge myself to remember that at all times and in all places, I am a representative of Government College Ibadan.

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School Emblem

The emblem is simply two interlacing triangles with GCI designed inside their centre.

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School Song

School of our pride built on the rock
By order, justice and fairplay ruled
May what we dare to learn from thee in youth
Be our... more

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Government College Old Boys in National Life

We number among the subsequent directors of the destiny of the old school such able persons as W.H.P. Browne, A.D. Porter, H.H. Jeffers, D.J.

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The Old Masters

While the names of a number of the foundation masters as well as those of a few others who taught in the School in the first decade of its... more

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School Motto

Learning to Serve

school life
How did you get your GCI nickname?

Nicknames were an important part of school life in GCI. Most of us had a nickname,most of which came from parody on real names or the student's... more

Field House Chronicles..... MO TI GUN!

Recently our set, the last set, had its fortieth Reunion of entering into GCI. I was extremely happy to see Funsho Obilade, a fellow Field House... more

Ogunode Adebisi Akeem Adewemimo Oredein 1977
Conflict Resolution

The wife of a senior auxillary member of staff went into a big fight close to our dormitory with his mistress.

1964, Kolade Mosuro
GCI found me a new family

I read a piece from Senior Ekundayo Awe on his locker experience, and it just brought this smile on my face and made me wish I could turn back the... more

Field House blues (Abe and the locker)

I entered GCI IN 1976, with some fantastic guys who have decided to adopt a moniker of "last set" for themselves.....Courtesy of Ado (Akinkunmi... more

Awe Oludayo Ekundayo (1976), socials
GCI found me a new family

I read a piece from Ekundayo Awe (1976), ( more

Fadahunsi Abiola (1978), socials
Ni'idi usu

It was a Saturday morning, in the 3rd Term of Form 3, 1978.

The newly constructed wing of the Dining Hall had just opened, to accommodate... more

socials Yemi Adegoke (1975)
School Teur

Teur - yes that is the right spelling, is a French word that means teacher. A junior boy is assigned a Teur for mentorship and preparation for the... more

Akindele Adebola Tewe, GCI, School Teur
Thank You NEPA; Up You!

NEPA, the then Nigerian Electricity Power Authority, was notorious for its sickening inefficiency and massive corruption.

socials Adegbulu Adedayo 1973 Carr
The Legend of Agbonkankan

The story is told that there was once a time in GCI, when the firewood suppliers for the school kitchen failed to fulfil their promises.

agbonkankan, compound work, main road
The gentlemanliness and bigheartedness of a typical GCI Old Boy

There is a story of a GCI boy who gave a lady a lift somewhere in the northern part of Nigeria. Their car broke down and they had to sleep in a... more

1964Set, NaseemSanyaolu
GCI Boys, United They Stand.

Once upon a time!

In the Confines of GCI was a Captain of Hockey of a particular Set around the middle of the Second Generation of the... more

Eavesdroppers Never Hear Good of Themselves

The story I’m about to relay happened in Grier House in the mid sixties.

1966 Set, Demola Denloye, Femi Adejugba, Lanre Onadeko, Mr Arodudu

Dr Adeola Olatunji Popoola - a Physical Therapy Specialist in New Jersey and Executive Chairman of GCIOBA-North America Branch discusses... more

2017ENDO, Dr Tunde Popoola, GCIOBA - NORTHAMERICA, Las Vegas Convention


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