A School family in Swanston House.
1958 Set Group picture
Akin Sofoluwe as "Macbeth"
Akin Sofoluwe in a drama in 1964
Akin Sofoluwe and Dada
Don Ogunseinde
A Stage play in 1959
Some members of a school family in 1964
Science Building in the 50s
Alexander MORGAN
GCI Science Society 1954
Grier House Dining Hall in the 50s
GCI chapel in the 50s
School Play
Field House 1970
GCI Boys on Short Break
Confirmation Ceremony
School Play
School Play
GCI Boys on Short Break
Some Members of 1986 Set at GCI Museum
Some Boys of 86 Set at GCI Museum
1986 Set Revives Young Farmers Club at GCI
A Cross section of Agric. Teachers and Students at the Inauguration of Young Farmers Club at GCI
Picture from the Re-launch of Young Farmers Club at GCI 2022
Sonola Oladapo at the Young Farmers Club Inauguration
1986 Set Boys at Farm Site
Olubi Adejobi facilitates donation of Cricket equipments to GCI
Pictorial from 2022 Jet day at GCI
Boys in Junior School 1 Receive Donation from Likeminds
Friendly Cricket Match Between 1970 & 1971 Sets
Cricket Match between Okengbenro Julius and Afolabi Ojo
The Principal of Junior School I with Grier House Cricketers 2021
Wole Olulade presents an award to a Powell house cricketer
Members of the Red Cross in 2021
The Senior School Principal with Carr House Cricketers in 2021
Mr. S.O Oladele with Grier House Cricketers in 2021
Maiden Edition G.O.A Falade Inter-House Cricket Championship 2021
Picture from G.O.A Falade Inter-House Cricket Championship 2021
Picture From Inter-House Cricket Competition
Carr House Cricketers of 2021
Powell House Cricketers of 2021
Mr. Awodiran receiving his medal at the Inter-house competition in 2022
Members of 1972 Set at the 83rd Inter-House Sports Competition
Carr House Boys with their Master
Powell House Boys And Their Master 2022
Presentation of Award Cup by Mrs. Sanwolu
83rd Award Trophy Cups
Field House Boys and their Masters


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