PRINCIPAL (1951 - 1956)

Mr W.H.P. Browne was a military man and so was his gait. He was an army captain with a rather huge and well groomed moustache. He taught Mathematics and Additional Mathematics, but the disciplined manner with which he held the school is what is remembered most by the boys. He had a good hold on the staff as well as the students.

Mr Browne spoke rather fast and it was difficult for the boys to understand him. All in all, he had affection for his students, especially his head prefect. It is to his credit that he always wrote very powerful recommendation in support of GCI's quest for scholarships or merit awards. More often than not, the boys he wrote in support won such scholarships or awards.

As a keen sports lover, he initiated international football matches between GCI and Lycee Victor Ballot, Cotonou, Dahomey (now Republic of Benin). It was Mr. Browne who took school sports international. Thus GCI had pioneered international matches amongst youths long before the world dreamt of the Under 21 FIFA World Cup Series!

Mr W.H.P. Browne left GCI on November 5, 1955 when he was posted to the Ministry of Education as Assistant Director of Education.

... Built On The Rock - The Second Twenty Five Years.

Captain Browne was the Games Master in the 40's and was well known for his promptness, dexterity and diligence.

. . . E. O. Oladeji (Carr, 1944)

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