V.B.V. Powell As An Athlete

The picture shows V.B.V. Powell, the Cambridge Blue and English International, who in 192 raised the Public Schools long jump record to 21 ft. 9.5 ins. He had a most efficient "hitch-kick" and in the picture is seen reaching his highest point at which his kick was given effect. Compare the forward bend of his body with the uprightness of trunk shown by Revans, Alzieu and Ham.

Unless Powell had straightened himself out from the position shown, the weight of his body must have forced his feet very quickly to earth. The pictures of Alzieu and Revans seem to me to prove clearly how well the "hitch-kick" serves to get the body back to the vertical, so that the weight is kept back of the centre of gravity, instead of forcing it down.



The Nigerian Nostalgia Project - Government College Ibadan


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