Tune: Field House Song

1. Foremost stands the sun in heaven
Foremost! Field House in this School
Field House is our inspiration
Past achievements show this well
Inspiration stirs ambition
Leads us unto better yet
Sixteen only when we started
Now unrivalled amongst the rest.

2. Those who left us showed our spirit
Standing well the test of life
Brave in sorrow, staunch in service
Field House lessons held in mind
In the face of strife and hardship
Holding on without despair
Their achievements are our glory
Their example is our guide.

3. Fielders present the calls now yours
Keep the noble flame alight
The name by which the flame was lit
Shall ne'r die. H.Field for aye
Don't forget what Baba Job taught
Valiant toils brings glorious name
Keep our glory and spirit
Evergreen and ever bright.



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