Tune: Carr House Song

From Tune of the hymn Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken , by Haydn.

1. Where is the source of our great joy?
Everyday we bound in joy?
A unique fruit of our ambition
It's striking initiation
Comes from this lovely home of grace
Carr House historical place
All Eaglets let us now rejoie
An exalt Carr with our voice.

2. Of all eaglets none can deny
What pleasures he has thereby
To cheer up our hopeful course
Are provided games and sports
Thus boredom swamped from our way
Never sad but always gay
We heartily thank Vigilia
May he help us for ever.

3. We all are very proud of thee
Something must we do for thee
Youngest yet envied by others
Present boys, let's lead others
Our Old Boys will take charge willingly
Of greater affairs bravely
Thus fulfilling their promises
Helping Carr House in all fields.

4. Great men will from Carr House emerge
Christ from Nazareth did emerge
Glorious things for thee shall we do
We honour that great crest too
Eagle, king to birds of all types
Indicates our place in life
Great was our Patron, Henry Carr
Greater may we be on earth thee.



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