SI Show

Odutayo (1967) - the Bassist, and Fagbenro-Byron Sina (1970) - the Lead Singer; performing as Sound Incorporation II members in 1972 during one of the SI Shows at Government College Ibadan.

Fagbenro-Byron Sina (1970) who joined the SI Band as a Vocalist in his Form I, ended up as a Band Leader of Sound Incorporated in 1974/75 Session.

Sound Incorporation Band, SI Band in GCI of the early 70's is synonymous to Music Society of today.

The S.I. Band well fortified with various basic and improvised musical instruments had many musically inclined students of GCI.

The Nigerian Afrobeat Musician, Singer and Songwriter - Ologunde Abisade (1972) aka Lagbaja; Fagbenro-Byron (1970) - Legal Practitioner, Musician and Stage Performer, who sang the acclaimed peace song 'Alafia'; Adekola (1970) - Legal Practitioner and Musician; and many other Old Boys of GCI are products of this Sound Incorporation Band.


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