School Rules



1. Time-Table
(a) Mondays to Fridays
6.00 Rising Bell
6.00 – 7.05 House work and Bath
7.05 Breakfast
7.30 Warning Bell for Assembly
7.45 Roll Call and Assembly
8.10 – 11.30 Classes
11.30 – 11.45 Break
11.45 – 1.45 Classes
2.00 Lunch
2.30 – 3.15 Rest
3.25 – 4.20 Preparation
4.30 – 6.15 Games (or Swimming or other approved activities at appropriated seasons)
6.45 Supper
7.30 – 9.00 Preparation
9.00 Call over and House Prayer
9.30 Lights Out (Classes I - IV)
10.15 Lights Out (Class V)
11.00 Lights Out (Class VI)

N.B. Except for members of the Upper Sixth Form and boys excused classes, boys may not go to their house compounds during classes.

(b) Saturdays

6.00 Rising Bell
7.15 Breakfast
9.00 House Inspection
1.45 Lunch
Thereafter as laid down in House Rules

(c) Sundays

7.15 Breakfast
9.00 Chapel (Mohammedan, Roman Catholic and Seventh-Day Adventist will worship as provided for in Rule 13).
Thereafter as laid down in House Rules until 9.00pm - Call Over and lights out.

(d) Day Boys

7.45 School Assembly
8.10 - 1.45 Classes
2.00 Lunch
3.30 - 4.30 Prep. in Class-Room Block
4.30 - 6.00 Games or Compound Work

2. Dress

(a) School uniform for class period consists of the uniform pattern shirts and khaki drill shorts. This uniform may not be worn after lunch unless its use is announced for a special occasion.

(b) For compound work khaki shirts and khaki shorts.

(c) For Games

i. Football: Jersey and white games shorts.
ii. Cricket: White shirts or singlet. White shorts or trousers.
iii. Athletics: Jersey or singlet and game shorts.
iv. Swimming: Swimming Slips or trunks.
v. Tennis: White shirts or White singlet, white shorts or white trousers.

(d) For ordinary wear after classes and between 6.30 and lights out, the uniform is House shirts with khaki shorts / trousers.

(e) On Sundays, for Church and Chapel and on Formal occasions at any time of the week, white shirt and white shorts / trousers will be worn. (Shorts for Classes 1 - 4). After Chapel, personal clothing may be worn on the school compound until lights out.

(f) For visiting the hospital or going to Ibadan on a Headmaster's or Housemaster's exeat, the dress will be white shirts and white shorts / trousers.

(g) For traveling with School teams etc. House Shirt and Khaki shorts / trousers.

i White canvas shoes may be worn at any time. White shoes must be kept in good repair and must be kept white.
ii Brown polished leather sandals of simple design may be worn at all time except for games.
iii Brown or black polished leather shoes may be worn by boys wearing long trousers at times when trousers are authorised dress.
iv Slippers must not be worn with school uniform.

(i) General

i White sleeveless singlets may be worn under shirts
ii Jerseys and pullovers may not be worn at any time with school uniform.
iii White socks may be worn with white canvas, shoes, otherwise socks may not be worn except when laced leather shoes are authorised.
iv Shirts, singlets and jerseys must be worn neatly tucked inside shorts.
vv. Shirts must be kept in good repair and must be worn neatly buttoned with the collar turned.
vi. School ties may only be worn when long white trousers are authorised.
vii. School Prefects will wear their Prefect's badges at all times, except with personal clothing.
viii. No jewellery of any description may be worn except for the school brooth.
ix. Except for Cadets on Parade, and members of the Cricket team who have been awarded colours, boys may not wear bats of any kind.

(j) Design of Clothes

i. Shirts: half sleeves with left hand breast pocket.
ii. Shorts should end 4'' above the top of the knee-cap for boys in Classes 1 - 4 and 6'' above the knee-cap for boys in Classes 5 and 6.
iii. Trouser bottoms will not be less than 16'' in circumference.
iv. All shorts and trousers will have front flags and side straps and buckles.
v. All shorts and trousers will have two side pockets, one interior back pocket (right-hand side), and one 'fob' pocket. "Paten" pockets are not allowed.
vi. School teams: Shirts and shorts issued for school teams may be worn only for school matches, except that school athletics short may be worn for athletics practices by boys who have worn their school colours.

3. Leave

(a) There will be an 'open day' on the first Saturday of each month, when boys may go out to Ibadan after Compound work in order to do shopping or visit friends and relatives in Ibadan. Boys who go out must be back by 6.00pm. If there is a School match, they must be back by 4.00pm.

(b) Exceptionally, Housemaster may grant exeats to boys to be absent on Saturdays or Sundays. Such permission will normally be given only in response to a written request from the boy's parents or guardians.

(c) Request for permission for boys to be absent from the compound on weekdays must be addressed to the Principal. Permission will not be given for the purpose of seeing off or welcoming people in Lagos, except in the case of the boy's own parents.

(d) All boys leaving the compound, except to visit the hospital, or when there is an open day, or when taking part in an organised excursion, must carry an exeat on the printed form, issued either by the Housemaster or the Principal. They must also carry their identity card.

(e) Day Boys may not leave the school compound during school hours.

(f) Half-term Holiday: When there is a Half-term holiday, boys living within approximately 100 miles of the school may go to their homes if they wish.

4. Medical Treatment

(a) Heads of Houses will report the names of boys who are sick to the Nurse each morning. The Nurse will inform the Principal if any of them are unfit to attend classes.

(b) The Nurse will instruct boys needing dispensary attention as to the period during which they are to go, and will note this on the sick list.

In the case of boys who need to see the Medical Officer of Health, the dispensary staff will tell the boy the time they are to report.
Only boys authorised on the day of the visit to attend the dispensary or see the Doctor may go to the dispensary during class hours.
Casualties from the workshop or elsewhere may visit the dispensary immediately after the accident, on the authority of any Master.
Any other cases may visit the dispensary immediately after classes.

(c) Except in emergency cases, no boy will leave the school compound to visit the hospital, except with the permission of the Nurse. Boys must go direct to and from the Hospital, and must not make a Hospital visit an occasion for going shopping or for paying personal visits.
Except in serious cases, it is the responsibility of the boy concerned to make his own way to the hospital in time to reach it at the correct time as laid down by the hospital authorities.

(d) No boy who is absent from classes owing to illness during the morning will be allowed to take part in any games in the afternoon.

(e) Any boy who is excused attendance from class for medical reasons will remain in his dormitory.

(f) No boy can be included in the daily sick list unless he has actually been seen by the staff nurse. Writing one's name in the House sickness record is not a substitute for seeing the nurse.

5. Absence from Class or from other School Activities

(a) Permission to be absent from class for medical reasons must be obtained from the Resident Nurse (or from the Housemaster) who will report to the Principal.

(b) Boys will not be allowed to be absent from class or from any other school activities in order to receive visitors.

(c) All boys will attend at the sports field when their group is playing unless they have previously obtained written permission from the master in charge of games or from the Housemaster.

(d) In cases of illness which occur later than break, the boy must show the note from the housemaster granting exemption from games to the master in charge of his group.

6. Visitors

Visitors may be received only between 4.00pm and 6.00pm on the second and fourth Sundays of every month. At all other times, visitors must first see the Housemaster or (during classes) the Principal or Vice-Principal.
It is particularly requested that visits outside the regular visiting period should only b made when there is some pressing reason for them.

7. Bounds

(a) No boy may leave his House Compound after 6.30pm except with permission of his Head of House.

(b) No boy may enteer a dormitory other than his own between 9.30pm and the Rising Bell except for Prefects in the course of their duties.

(c) The Abeokuta-Ibadan road is out of bounds. This automatically places the African Church Grammar School and its dormitories, and any part of Apata village out of bounds.

(d) The Labourers' Quarters are out of bounds.

(e) The Masters' Compound are out of bounds except when a boy is required to visit the master.

(f) The Staff Room and Office are out of bounds, except when a boy is summoned there or sent there.

(g) The Queen's School Compound and the staff compounds belonging to it are out of bounds.

(h) "Dele's Village" (behind Field House) is out of bounds.

8 Wireless Sets

(a) Wireless sets may be used according to House rules

(b) Boys must not be in possession of personal radios, record players or tape recorders.

9. Care of College Property

(a) Blackboards, easels, desks, or any other classroom equipment may not be removed from a classroom without the permission of the member of staff in charge of that room. Any equipment moved should be returned to its proper place as soon as possible.

(b) Lights: Boys should help to ensure that no waste of electricity occurs; light in unoccupied rooms should always be turned out.

(c) Chalk: Chalk is not to be used by school boys for any purpose except as authorised by a member of staff.

(d) Pianos: Only those boys who have been permitted to do so by the Principal or by the Master in charge of Music are allowed to play the piano.

(e) Exercise books: Boys must take proper care of their exercise books. Any boy losing, misusing or damaging exercise books must provide his own replacement.

(f) Damage to or loss of College property: Any boy losing, breaking or damaging any College property (such as textbooks, window-panes, crockery, laboratory equipment), or causing waste by misuse of College property, will have a debit entered on his Caution money Deposit account for the amount of money involved. In particular, boys should note that all breakages from whatever cause in the Science Laboratories which occur while they are carrying out experiments, etc are chargeable to their accounts.

10. Change of Name

Once a boy's name has been entered in the Admission Register, it may not be changed unless he complies with the legal form approved in the country. i.e. by making the necessary public announcement in a newspaper.

11. Extra-Mural Societies

No facilities will be provided for boys to become members of or to attend meetings or other functions of any society, club or organisation which is not sponsored by the College.

(a) Boys may not have in their possession any drugs or medicines unless authorised by the Medical Officer or Resident Nurse.

(b) Spectacles of any type may be worn only by boys for whom they have been prescribed by the Medical Officer or qualified Optician.

13. Religious Matters

(a) No boy is allowed to alter his religion unless approval is obtained in writing from his parent or guardian.

(b) All protestants boys will attend the School services, unless special permission is given for absence by the Principal.

(c) All Roman Catholic boys will attend services, as laid down by the Roman Catholic Father responsible for the school.

(d) All Mohammedan boys will attend prayer meetings on Fridays after classes and on Sunday mornings.

14. Behaviour in the Compound

(a) Boys will go from one classroom to another quickly and quietly and must follow the paths.

(b) Boys in a classroom in which there is no master should sit quietly so as not to disturb other classes.

(c) If a Class finds itself without a teacher, 10 minutes after the start of the period the Class Monitor will report to the Principal or Vice - Principal, unless the class have previously been informed by the Principal that the teacher concerned will be absent.

(d) Boys will help to ensure that the classrooms and school compound are neat and tidy at all times. Paper will not be left lying about; books will be kept neatly; desks and tables will be kept neatly in rows.

(e) All boys must be clean shaven.

(f) Hair must be kept at a reasonable length and must be neatly and simply dressed. Housemasters are responsible for seeing that this rule is obeyed.

15. Vernacular Languages

(a) Vernacular Languages may not be spoken on the school compound between 8.00am and 2.00pm, or during games on the main field or at any gathering for school activities.

16. Day Boys

(a) Day Boys are required to be present at School Assembly and may not then leave the School compound until after lunch.

(b) Day boys will attend games and Compound work in the afternoon as required by the masters concerned.

17. External Examination

(a) Boys may not take any external examinations during their course.

(b) Specifically, boys in the Sixth Form must not seek admission to any other Institution before the end of their course. Infringement of this rule will render a boy liable to the penalty of expulsion.

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