Ni'idi usu

It was a Saturday morning, in the 3rd Term of Form 3, 1978.

The newly constructed wing of the Dining Hall had just opened, to accommodate the new HSC students.

Yam was served for breakfast. Olusegun Oyediran was the Messboy at Table 22?, as I was at Table 18.

Apparently Kayode Agbaje-Williams had been unhappy with his messboy , Segun Oyediran, who had served him the ends of the Yam tuber (Apari Isu), on previous occasions; and he had made it known to Oyediran, never to repeat it again.

On this fateful day, Agbaje-Williams strolled into the Dining Hall late, after the bell had been rung.

Sadly, the only plates left that had not been taken, were the ones with the "Apari Isu" in them.

When Agbaje-Williams was served, he almost lost his mind. He totally blew up, in a tirade: "mo ma pa iwo boy yi loni".

Thankfully in the adjacent table was Gbenga Bejide (73 Grier), who quickly came to the rescue of Oyediran.

I can still hear Bejide's voice in my head as he was trying to talk down Agbaje-Williams, who had Oyediran by the scruff of his neck: "Agbaje-Williams: ni idi Isu; ni'di Isu""

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