President, 1934 - 1946
Principal 1932 - 1943

Capt. H. T. C. Field was a First World War returnee before joining the Colonial Service as an Education Officer. He had taken part in the 1914-1919 so called World War. He was later to become the 2nd Principal of GCI between 1932 and 1944, taking office after Rev. (Capt.) C. E. Squire and was succeeded by Mr. V. B. V. Powell. He was the longest serving Principal of GCI before the time of Mr. D. J. Bullock as Principal in 1959!

So the largest number of Old Boys of the first generation of GCI boys passed through his hands. When the 3rd boarding house was created in 1948, it was appropriately named after him. He was very popular among his Boys and earned the nickname 'Baba Job' on account of being in constant company of his dog named 'Job'.
. . . Chief Olaleye Falore (1962) (First National Vice - President, GCIOBA)

Captain H.T.C. Field, B.A. (Cantab) taught English while in GCI.

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- 1943
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