PRINCIPAL (1992 - 1994)

Mr H.A. Adeyinka succeeded Mr (Later Otunba) L.G. Oyebanji in office, thus becoming the seventh Principal of the College during the Third Generation. His tenure was for approximtely 2 years between December 1992 and November 1994.

He was a disciplinarian - tough with the Masters and tough with boys. He tried to work seriously in the areas of discipline and academics. He was in office when GCI won the KIGS intercollegiate cricket competition.

Most boys of his time today remember Mr. Adeyinka as 'the man that rode in elegant 'Gallant' and 'Volvo' cars. For many of us, he was an 'action' Principal. The way he presided over the morning assembly in the school was superb. His managerial skills challenged many. No boy was found roaming about the school compound and anyone found outside the classroom was promptly dealt with. On many occasions, he carried boys found outside the school premises during classes back to the school compound. Such boys were, however, subjected to caning; mostly carried out in a ceremonial way in the presence of the whole school during the morning Assembly.


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