George Oyeyemi Adeleke FALADE (1936 to 1994) was a 2-time Principal of Government College Ibadan (“GCI”). His first stint as Principal was for a period of about 4 years, from November 1980 to July 1984. His second stint was for about 2 months, from May to June 1987. Prior to these periods, he had an earlier stint at the school as Head of Geography Department between September 1972 and September 1974.

Birth, Education & Training
G.O.A. Falade was born on the 24th of May, 1936 to Late Daniel Falade Asalu & Late Alice Asalu both of Ile Asalu, Oke Moyo in Ejigbo, Osun State. He started his primary education at Baptist Day school Ejigbo and proceeded to Baptist College Iwo where he received the Grade II Teacher’s certificate in 1959. He obtained a B.A. Hons in Geography from University of Ibadan in 1966. In his quest to develop further, he proceeded to the Institute of Education in University of Keele, England where after two years he bagged a diploma of advanced study in Education in 1971. At a later stage in his career, he proceeded to Hartford Institute of Public Service at University of Connecticut, USA where he obtained a Certificate in Public Management and Instructional Systems Design in April 1979.

Career and Work Duties
George began his working career in 1959 shortly after obtaining his Grade II Teacher’s Certificate when he taught at Baptist Secondary Modern School Iresi (January to December 1959). He later moved on to Baptist Boys High School, and later Baptist High School, Saki where he taught a number of subjects including English Language, English Literature, History, Geography, Mathematics and Religious Knowledge from January 1960 to August 1966.

In August 1966 he assumed duty at Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo as Education Officer II (Geography) where he taught the subject to all N.C.E. Classes and supervised the conduct of Teaching Practice for the College’s students. He was also the Hall Warden for Oduduwa College and functioned in these capacities until September 1972 when he was assumed duty on transfer to Government College Ibadan as Senior Education Officer (Geography). During this period he taught all aspects of School certificate and Higher School certificate in Geography and was also the House Master for Swanston House.

In all these teaching assignments, George distinguished himself as a hardworking staff, brilliant mind, subject matter expert and exceptional administrator. These details were not lost on the hierarchy in the Ministry of Education of the Western Region and later on, Oyo State. Subsequently, he proceeded on a blitz of assignments and duties that helped him to further hone these attributes. In September 1974, he was appointed as Inspector of Education with oversight on Schools in the Akure Province. In January 1975 he became the Divisional Education Officer, and was the delegate of the Permanent Secretary and Commissioner of Education in all matters relating to the Supervision of Primary and Secondary Schools, and Teachers’ Colleges in the Akoko Division. Commencing from Nov. 1975 and till May 1978, he functioned in similar capacity as the Divisional Education Officer for Oyo North.

After a sterling performance in the various “field” assignments. George assumed the role of Deputy Chief Inspector of Education, Planning and Research Division of Oyo State Ministry of Education at Ibadan in May 1978. In this role, he was functionally responsible for Education curriculum development and in-service training. He also was in charge of Statistics & Research, Budget Analysis and Programming, and stood in for the Chief Inspector of Education whenever he was so required.

In Nov. 1980, G.O.A. Falade was appointed as the Principal of Government College Ibadan. George was quick and focussed on the job. He hit the ground running like a man on an historic assignment. He administered the affairs of the school most creditably and is remembered for a number of initiatives that helped strengthen the school’s profile and status as the leading Secondary School in Oyo State. He was strongly focussed on staff development programmes, discipline, excellence and accountability. He was the typical “no nonsense” disciplinarian whose measures of discipline were freely dispensed without fear or favour.

It was a fitting testament to his competence and mastery in administration, and his previous duties that GOA Falade became appointed as the Chief Inspector of Education (CIE) in charge of Curriculum, Guidance & Counselling Division in August 1984. He was still functioning in this capacity when he was re-deployed to GCI in May 1987 as the Principal for a period that was made brief by an opportunity for which the State’s Ministry of Education considered him to be the most suitable candidate. This was notwithstanding the fact that he had only functioned for barely 2 months in his second stint as Principal of GCI.

Oyo State was going to join the league of others in adopting a new National Policy on Education, known as the 6-3-3-4 System, and needed a strong, capable and experienced individual who would lead its implementation. GOA Falade was appointed on full-time basis in July 1987 as the Chairman or the State’s Task Force in Advisory capacity on the Implementation of this new national policy. He pioneered the state’s effort through the development of programmes and structures for JNC/NCE matters, Continuous Assessment, Curriculum Development and enlightenment programmes. In January 1989, George was appointed Director Curriculum and Evaluation Department of Oyo State Ministry of Education. He served in this capacity till September 1991, save for an 18-month period when he served on appointment as the Sole Administrator of Atakumosa Local Government.

Upon the creation of Osun State in 1991, George assumed duty as Director of Planning, Research and Statistics in the new State’s Ministry of Education. In January 1992, he was appointed as Director –General, Osun State’s Post-Primary Schools Board. He later served as Director-General Civil Service Commission - September 1, 1992; and Ministry of Health - 11th October 1993 till January 1994 when he retired from the State’s Service.

GOA Falade belonged to the category of the finest civil servants produced in the Western region, who through the dint of hardwork and commitment to duty, attained the pinnacle of his career.

George attended many seminars, workshop and conferences (locally and abroad). He was severally resource person delivering technical and academic papers. On record, he delivered over 30 papers at different fora. In addition to his regular work he was involved in important ad-hoc duties. He was a member of the Ministerial panel that investigated an alleged swindling of One Million Naira school fees reported by ‘The Sunday Sketch’ of October 30, 1988.

He was Chairman of Task force on the Take-off of the three government colleges and up-grading of ten secondary school in Osun state. He was also the Chairman of the Task Force on the Deployment of Primary School Teachers of Osun State origin that were displaced from various local governments in Oyo state.

Sometimes in 1992/93, G.O.A. Falade was appointed as Justice of Peace (JP).

GOA Falade was a Christian, and of the Baptist denomination. He loved church music. He was the pianist at First Baptist Church, Saki. He was a Royal Ambassador Extraodinary and Plenipotentiary in the Nigerian Baptist Convention. He enjoyed long-distance driving and had a passion for Horticulture and Farming. He was a family man, and totally devoted to his wife Rachael Oyeweola Falade (nee Abidogun) of blessed memory. Their union was blessed with 5 children (4 boys and 1 girl. All the boys are Old Boys of GCI; Niyi (1978 set), Wole (1979 set), Leye, and Gbite (1983 set). Their sister Niun finished from Queens School Ibadan having gained admission to the school in 1985.

GOA Falade died on January 30, 1994 after a brief illness.

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