PRINCIPAL (1957 - 1959)

Mr G.N.I. Enobakhare (1933) was an Old Boy and the first Nigerian to occupy the Principal's seat in 1958.

Prior to his heading Government College Ibadan, Mr. Enobakhare's academic achievements in and outside GCI carried on from class to class like a school tradition. So much so that it was widely rumored in the forties and fifties that Enobakhare, while a student, spent only three years at Government College and ranks as one of only two students in the history of the school to have had double promotion twice!

In reference to academic excellence, the first edition of 'Built on the Rock' noted that "when G.N.I. Enobakhare and S.O. Bisiriyu (later Biobaku) (1932) passed their Inter Science and Inter Arts of the University of London respectively, the whole school celebrated with them." At the expense of the school, all the boys went to a cinema in celebration. Enobakhare went on to bag the B.Sc. and Ph.D. Amazingly, he obtained these Degrees as an external candidate from home.

As Principal, G.N.I. Enobakhare respected people who conducted themselves in a disciplined manner. You had to obey his rules, be you a student or a teacher, otherwise you incurred his wrath.

We saw in G.N.I. Enobakhare the type of man we were being groomed to be. We walked shoulder high that G.N.I. was an Old Boy and he was the Principal of the School. It was such a big honour and achievement.

Mr Enobakhare's sojourn as substantive Principal was brief. He was acting Principal for a part of 1957 and Principal for one year from 1st may, 1958.


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