GCI Photography Club.

As part of the concerted effort of Government College Ibadan Old Boys Association to ensure the provision of an all-round secondary education to the students of Government College Ibadan, the 1991-January Set has inaugurated a Photography Club for the School.

The Photography Club, comprising students from both junior and senior classes and some Old Boys who are professionals in the field; was aimed at providing vocational education in the area of photography, and entrepreneurial skills for the students.

While Speaking at the Inauguration Ceremony on Tuesday, 7th of November, 2017 on the Assembly Ground, the 1991-January Set Chairman, Dr Samuel Oyamakin, said the morale behind the PET project was to avail the students the platform to develop and promote their creativity, intelligence and artistic skills, and in the long run, make them self-reliant.

He further mentioned it that the Photography Club was an initiative of a UK based 1991-January Set member, Olafare Olawale , who donated most of the equipment that were presented.

The Class Chairman, alongside the Class Secretary, Olufemi Akadiri presented the photography equipment such as Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P73S Digital Camera (4Mp, 3x Optical), Sony Memory Stick Adaptor (MSAC-M2), Sony Memory Stick PRODuo Card (2GB), Sony USB Cable, Blue Carrier Wallet, Phillips Battery Charger, 4 Phillips AA NiMh Rechargeable Batteries, Olympus 28-120 Digital Camera, Minolta X-370 Analogue Camera; and the project's blueprint, proposal, training manual and constitution which were all received by Mr Ibrahim, HOD Mathematics Department, on behalf of the Senior School Principal, Dr B.T. Odekunle.


1. Oyamakin Samuel (1991A) - Class Set Chairman
2. Dr B.T. Odekunle (1976) - GCI Principal
3. Akadiri Olufemi (1991A) - Class Set Vice Chairman

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