GCI Chapel

GCI Chapel

The Chapel is as old as the school - Government College Ibadan itself is a magnificent and historic ecumenical structure.

The Chapel though not in use anymore, and already dilapidated; its remains and wooden foundation still stands on the disused road to the old principal’s house. The Chapel ceased to function at some points before 1960, perhaps because of the heavy destruction inflicted on it by termites, after which it was rebuilt and again destroyed, and totally ceased to function in the early 1970s.

Prof. Jide Bademosi (Grier, 1953), a foremost Nigerian Cricketer with colours and distinguished Old Boy of Government College Ibadan had this to say about the Chapel:

"This was the frontage of our Science Labs (Physics, Chemistry & Biology). Located centrally behind The Rocks facing the Abeokuta Road, on the right side of the Main Road, opposite the 'Wood & Metal Workshops' and Orchard, and about 30-50m before the Swimming Pool on the Right & old Swanston House on the Left. These were around the current dualization 'Y' of the road from the Main Gate. We used this as a whole or segments of it as our Postcard to Penpals in UK or friends in other Secondary Schools in Nigeria. I think some Old Boys up to 1955 Set & their 'Teurs (Tiors, Teachers) may have copies in their Collection. Apologies for this futile attempt to describe the Picture that evokes such pleasant nostalgia of old GCI Atmosphere & Scenery. Jide Bademosi (Grier, 1953 Set).




The Nigerian Nostalgia Project - Government College Ibadan

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