GCI Boys, United They Stand.

Once upon a time!

In the Confines of GCI was a Captain of Hockey of a particular Set around the middle of the Second Generation of the School.

His prefect badge was to be stripped off in the School Assembly Hall, symbolically removing him as a School Prefect for an alleged misdemeanour committed when the Hockey Team went to Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro to play a friendly match.

The Head of School then, Wole Ogunyinka (1966) - a mature and peace loving young man mobilised some of the prefects to visit the then Acting Principal of the School, and pleaded on behalf of the Hockey Team Captain.
Fortunately, the mission was accomplished and the Captain was only asked to stop wearing his prefect's badge without any official announcement to students.

The Prefects body in solidarity then agreed to remove their badges, so that students and juniors would not confirm whatever rumour was going around. However the Head of School who was regularly in contact with the teaching staff was exempted from the decision.

GCI - . . . breeding humane character and holding brotherliness in high esteem.

Story culled from "Looking Back and Looking Forward" - a 1966 Set Publication.
Retold by GCI Museum Team.


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