Mr E.R. Swanston was His Majesty's Inspector of Education by the time Mr. S.M. Grier was appointed Director of Education, Southern Provinces in 1929 when Government College Ibadan was founded.

It was Mr. Grier who appointed Mr. Swanston Deputy Director of Education since the former was not an Educationist. In that year, both of them left Nigeria for Britain on leave but neither returned to Nigeria afterwards.

Mr. Grier was appointed a Governor of a British Colony while Mr. Swanston died!

The first Housemaster of the first boarding house in GCI - Mr E.B. Benton-Evans decided to honour Mr. Swanston by naming the boarding after him.

Olaleye Falore (1962).

Mr Eric Romilly Swanston served in the British Army, Royal Engineers - fought in World War I.

On 29 July, 1916, he was promoted to the post of 2nd Lietunant on temporary probation and was transferred from Royal Engineers to the Royal Corps of Signals on 25 Jan., 1921.

Nigeria - came sometime between 1925 and 1926 as a Deputy Director of Education. As of February, 1927, he was the Editor, Bulletin of Educational Matters (later Nigerian Teacher in 1933 and later Nigeria Mgazine in 1937)

The London Gazette, 28 July 1916 and 25 January, 1921.

The Nigerian Nostalgia Project - Government College Ibadan

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