Edward Harland Duckworth

Edward Harland Duckworth and his Science Students

Duckworth's name was suggested to E.R.J. Hussey, Director of Education in Nigeria; Hussey was looking for someone to take charge of the development of science in Nigeria.

This new post, Inspector of Education, was offered to Duckworth and in October 1930 he sailed for Lagos. His first year was spent teaching science at the Government Colleges at Ibadan and Umahia.

In 1944 the post of Inspector of Education was abolished and Duckworth was officially designated "Editor of Nigeria (Magazine) and Organiser of Exhibitions"

He retired in 1953 and went to live with his sister in Cheltenham.

He died in January 1972.

The Picture was taken at either Government College Ibadan or Government College Umuahia, in the early 30's.



The Nigeria Nostalgia Project - Government College Ibadan

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