D.J. Bullock

Dereck John Bullock

Mr Dereck John Bullock spent over 50 years of his life in the Nigerian education system. He was principal and teacher at several schools including Government College Ibadan (1960 - 1968), Comprehensive High School, Aiyetoro aka Compro., Abusi Edumare Academy, Ijebu-Igbo; Adesoye College and Federal Government College, Kano.

In 1973, he married Miss Chris Groves - the Principal of St. Anne's School, Ibadan.

When he died in 2009, his body was flown from England to Ibadan and buried beside Mrs Groves grave. ( Another report also has it that when he died, his body was cremated in London and the urn, containing the ashes, was buried beside that of Mrs. Bullock at St. Anne's Church Cemetery. )




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