Conflict Resolution

The wife of a senior auxillary member of staff went into a big fight close to our dormitory with his mistress. They both went hard at it, and such was the ferocity that they both stripped themselves naked. I have never seen such beauty in any wrestling contest. For the fight, I was one of the lucky ones who intervened.

I held on to the more attractive one as she struggled in rage. The more she struggled, the more tightly I held on to her. Peace, at all cost, was my motive and I had my hands all over her. She wanted a pound of the other lady and I could only restrain her, in the end, by wrestling her to the ground. Now in that position, the only way I could stop the fight was to be on top of her. And I did.

It remains a most memorable encounter and a rewarding peace effort.

Truly, blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God.

Culled from 1964 Set Publication, Nineteen Sixty-four, page 69.

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