Cadet Boys of GCI

Pictured below were the Cadet Boys of GCI in 1971 from 1965 and 1966 Class Sets.

Thanks to Oshinyimika Segun (1599, Carr, 1965) who supplied the picture, he had this to say about it:

The picture, which is the same as the one on page 160 of the book 'Built On The Rock: The Second 25 years of GCI' was taken in 1971 and not 1969 as written in the book. This is because only 1965 and 1966 Sets' boys can be seen in the picture, that is those who were in Upper Sixth and Lower Sixth Forms. I am the one carrying the GCI Crest in the picture.

While there had always been march-pasts during Independence Anniversaries, the Western State Government decided to start awarding prizes (Trophies in form of Cups) to best school in 1969. Prior to this, the Cadet Unit in the Cadet Uniform used to take part in the march-pasts.

So the school decided that members of the Cadet Unit were chosen to take part in mufti. Being a cadet with good marching skills and not being very tall, I was given the task of carrying the school's crest which I did in 1969, 1970 and 1971 (as seen in the picture) and we won the cup in all these 3 years. I do not know if they continued after I left school.

It is interesting to note that Loyola College Ibadan started their Cadet Unit around 1970. There were lots of show-offs from them during the practice sessions at the Liberty Stadium prior to the day of competition. They were boasting that the cup would be theirs in 1971. It would be a big lie if we said we were not afraid of loosing the cup. But then, we won again (for the 3rd consecutive time).

There are 3 columns/lines and 8 rows.
Front Row.
L-R. Oshinyimika (1965), carrying the GCI crest; Ajala (1965) right behind Mr Oguntonade, the Lead Teacher and Agboola (1965).

Behind Agboola, ? , then Akintola (1966)

Behind Ajala, ?, then Adewuyi (1965) who incidentally retired as a General in the Nigerian Army. He was one time the GOC of 82 Div.

Behind Oshinyimika (1965), Amusan or Koyejo (1966), Sangowawa (1966), Arowojolu (1966), El-Schaeddhaei (formerly Adeyoju 1965), Puddicombe (1965), Ogunruku (1966), Ogunyinka (1966).

Between the heads of Oshinyimika and Amusan, part of Imoyo's head showing (he is actually in the middle column).

We crave your indulgence for inaccuracy (if any) in the names of the 1966 boys, and also apologise for the inability to identify other boys who appeared in the picture.

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