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How did you get your GCI nickname?

Nicknames were an important part of school life in GCI. Most of us had a nickname,most of which came from parody on real names or the student's habits. Some were heart-lifting and some cruel. Most of such nicknames followed you through school ans even through life. How did you get your nickname? Share your special story below!

School Emblem

The emblem is simply two interlacing triangles with GCI designed inside their centre. The interlacing triangles appeared in the penny, half-penny and farthing (one-tenth of a penny) coins of the colonial era of Nigeria and the use of the triangles in the design of the school emblem no doubt indicated the Government ownership of the school

Protestation of Loyalty

I pledge myself to remember that at all times and in all places, I am a representative of Government College Ibadan. I promise to refrain from any word or deed which can bring discredit upon it.
I will endeavour at all times to be loyal to the members of staff and to all my school fellows.
I would ever seek to be worthy of Government College, to add to its lustre, and to cherish its highest traditions.

Two Kids - A Reminiscence Of GCI

(from the novel A Conference in Ennui by Rotimi Ogunjobi , 2012)

The Legend of Agbonkankan

The story is told that there was once a time in GCI, when the firewood suppliers for the school kitchen failed to fulfil their promises. There was thus a worrying scarcity of firewood and also fears of how the students would get fed. A certain boy looked beyond the fear; he got himself an axe and one morning headed for the school plantation.

The Old Masters

While the names of a number of the foundation masters as well as those of a few others who taught in the School in the first decade of its existence have appeared from time to time in this narrative, a few more notes are assembled in the present chapter on these masters. Unfortunately memory becomes dim after forty years that one has passed through an institution. Lapses and imbalance can therefore be expected in an account like this for which one must crave the indulgence of the masters concerned and of one’s colleagues with sharper memories.

Government College Old Boys in National Life

We number among the subsequent directors of the destiny of the old school such able persons as W.H.P. Browne, A.D. Porter, H.H. Jeffers, D.J. Bullock, and then a number of distinguished Nigeria and Old Boys Principals were the Housemasters. Having been thought some boarding institutions themselves, the Housemasters had plenty of experience and imagination and had no difficulty filling in the time of their wards to maximum advantage.

School Song

School of our pride built on the rock
By order, justice and fairplay ruled
May what we dare to learn from thee in youth
Be our guidelight throughout our lives

Refrain: School of our pride we build on thee

Service to others not to self
Consideration for our Nation first
By our examples and not by precept
Show honest labours dignity

Refrain: School of our pride we build on thee

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