Annual Public Lectures

Some Contemporary Issues In Good Governance In Nigeria
My Government College Ibadan Experience and 50 Years of Nigeria’s Independence: Where Did We Go Wrong? By Chief Hope Harriman (1947) in 2010
Rethinking The Building Of Leadership Capacity In Nigeria
Science and National Development by Dr Timothy Farinre in 2008
The Challenges of Higher Education in Nigeria By Prof. A.O. Bamiro in 2007
Literature And The Nation: Perspective Of A GCI Alumnus Delivered By Prof. Femi Osofisan in 2006
"Life, Death And Money" Delivered by Chief Ajibola Ogunshola (1956) in 2005
"Globalisation: Can Nigeria Play The Game And Win? The Nigerian Educational System and Economy in the Globalisation Era" Delivered by Prof. Ibitayo Akinwande (1968) in 2004
"The State Of Public Education" Delivered by Dr. (Sir) Abel I. Guobadia (1946) in 2003
"Of Monks And Monkeys: The Wages Of Integrity In Nigeria’s Polity" Delivered by Prof. Oladipo Akinkugbe (1946) in 2002.
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